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Wow...more than a year later.

Look mom...I'm posting!!

I think I mentioned last year how bad I was at keeping up with things like this.  But, here I am again!

My Braves are on a roll, now 20-20!  It's Bobby's last year *sniffle* and I'm more in love with baseball this year than every before.  Yesterday we had a GREAT come from behind win to take the 'series' from the Reds.  If you can call 2 games a series.  Brooks Conrad had his first ever grandslam and the poor guy didn't even know he'd had it until he looked around to see people circling the bases.  It was a total *doh* moment, but it's okay since we won!

Today is FRIDAY!!!  I'm so glad.  Been a long week filled with migraine's and lots of rain today.  Tonight there will be baseball and this weekend will be hot and dry so that mean lots of time spent in the pool!!  If only I would TAN!!!!

Still waiting...

for the Birthday Boy to start having his usual great birthday game.


...wants us to hate John Winchester as much as we hate him apparently.  Well, it worked.  I'm with the majority of people on the web who could have cared less if John had little one night stands here and there while on the road, I get that.  But to find out you have a kid and then go treat him like he's the freakin' apple of his eye every time he sees him...baseball games, fishing, not missing birthdays??  WHAT THE FUDGE!!!!  You don't do anything like that with the two sons you RAISED FROM BIRTH, and I know most of you are going to tell me that it was too late for them, but really??  He couldn't celebrate a brithday with them or a Christmas??  Dean's reaction to finding out that John took the kid to the baseball game told me all that I needed to know about John.  While he left them alone to hunt evil, he was off playing daddy to the other kid. 

And Sammy?????  He's turned into John.  It's like John in a different body.  I felt so sorry for Dean.  This was the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.  The man his worhsiped has finally been torn down and he sees just who the man was.  He was a bad father, to Dean and Sam at least. 

So inclonclusion, I will block this episode out of my memory and never think of it again.  There is no third brother and John Winchester is not a bigger bastard than we already knew he was.

SPN RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!

On an even brighter note than the Braves win, I know it doesn't get much better, but wait...SUPERNATURAL IS BACK TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm super stoked and the only thing that will bring me down off this high is if Kripke lets that whole third brother thing turn out to not be a dream, a demon, the work of a trickster, or even a little fairy or something.  I'll take any of the above.  There IS NO THIRD WINCHESTER BROTHER!!

Why does Kripke love to torture us so??



Time to throw a parade.  We WON a game!!!  Against the hated Nationals.  And neener neener, they walked in the run!!  Ha ha!!  Oh, so maybe I'm a little gibby this morning, but it's the morning after a win!!

Road Trip for Hades!

Well, this road trip has turned out the be just miserable.  But, I won't let it get me down.  We've got a whole season to go and I will remain on the positive side of things.  Or try at least.  Let's hope my positivety rubs off on the team.



So, I'm so very sad about the state of my Braves.  We need to start winning!!  Winning would be great!!!  I missing winning.  Oh so very much.  So, lets all watch and see if we can actually start a new trend today...WINNING!!!!!


Fishing nucks!!

Well, that was the worst fishing trip ever.  Not only did we get swept, Chipper reannoyed (is that a word), and now Yunel has injured himself...in the on deck circle.  Our little jack rabbitt was doing his usual jumping around before his at bat and injured a side muscle. *headdesk* The year better not turn into another one like last year with all the injuries.  That would nuck big time!!  Let's hope tonight turns out better.  One can only hope.

Braves @ Pirates, 7:00 EST, Sports South


Time to try some new bait...

I say we start our fishing trip off tonight with some dynamite!  Maybe that will yeild better results.  I'm tired of losing to the Marlins.  It sucks. 

Chipper's gonna be out for at least a couple games with the bruised thumb.  No internal damage is a great thing, he just needs to get it better so he can get back in the lineup.  Matty Diaz was awesome last night in left, I wish Bobby would keep him there.  I like him better than Garrett Anderson in the spot.  But, that's why he's the manager and I'm not I guess.  I still *heart* Bobby.

The game is going on right now, but I'm TiVoing it so we'll see how things turn out tonight.


Unfruitful Fishing Trip

Well, our fishing trip sucked.  The fish (Marlin) weren't biting at all. 

Javy Vazquez looked good last night for the most part, going 6 and striking out 12 and only walking 1.  But, Chris Volstad was good to and held my guys to just three hits.  Our offense couldn't get anything started last night.

 Chipper appeared to have aggrivated his thumb bruise again with could suck big time for us.  Let's hope he's able to go tonight!!  AlsoJoe Simpson seemed to think that the two errors Garrett Anderson made in left field ON FOUL BALLS was due to his calf muscle bothering him.  I don't really buy that since he got to both balls, he just didn't catch them!! 

We go fishing again tonight and lets hope we catch something tonight instead of going home without anything to show for it. 

Braves v. Marlins, 7:00 EST, Peachtree TV